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Hey, i didnt post my fanfic in here at first but thoought i would :)… - Harry Potter Pizzaz [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 12th, 2005|12:17 pm]
Harry Potter Pizzaz


Hey, i didnt post my fanfic in here at first but thoought i would :)
please read and tell me what you think


Chapter 1

It was hard sometimes… Sometimes she hated how he looked at her around their “friends”. Why was he different when they were alone? Deep down she knew why… It wasn’t her fault he was her “cousin” … she had learned to deal with it, why couldn’t he?
He had told her he loved her almost 2hours ago, now it felt like he hated her…
“It’s your own fault”, she told herself.

“Draco, I’m going to the common room, see you later, okay”
“Yeah, whatever”, Malfoy half heartedly replied.

Walking down to the Slytherin common room alone was always a little scary she thought. The sound of the heels on her shoes was too loud… then there were 2 sets of heels, turning round, she could see no-one…

“Oh god…not again…if anyone sees him I’m dead” she whispered quietly.

“Why are you down here Harry?”
“We have to talk, I want you to do something for me” answered an invisible Harry Potter.
“It depends, if my father or Draco or anyone ever found out…”
“They won’t I swear” Harry interrupted.

The truth was if anyone found out they would hate her, detest her even. Her father, a pureblood, was James Potter’s cousin, although he denined the fact. Her mother had told her…
She blushed… she couldn’t think about it.

“What’s the favor?”….

The next day Keela woke with a start, her dream had not been pleasant. Walking up the stairs to go to the common room she always wondered, hoped, Draco would walk down at the same time. She loved it when that happened. That was one of the times he would be the Draco she knew… the loving caring Draco she had fallen in love with on their first day. He had been the reason she had asked the sorting hat to place her in Slytherin.

She couldn’t believe the nerve of Harry, asking her to do that…

Chapter 2

There he was, in his seat. Keela smiled softly to herself, she would go over say sorry for telling him, make sure they were okay, then walk up to the great hall as they always did.

Walking over she noticed someone had pulled a up a seat beside Draco.
“Werid”, she thought to herself.
No-one was usually up at the time, apart from them of course.
Getting closer she noticed who it was. Beaming with anger, Keela looked at her, Pansy Parkinson. How she hated her, and Draco knew it. Was he doing this to make her jealous?

“…yeah…oh hi Keela…” Pansy looked up.
Draco’s chair turned to look at her.
“Hey…what you doing up?” He was up to something.
“We always meet here, at this time in the morning Draco” Keela replied a little to forceful she thought.

Pansy looked at her…and again…and again.

“Pansy, what in hells name are you looking at??” Keela shouted.
“Shut up, and sit down Keela”
It was Malfoy who spoke, if she was to be forgiven she would have to do as he said.

She walked over and sat on Malfoy’s knee. Smiled at him and kissed him. She knew Pansy wanted to be her at that very moment in time and loved it !!
“..hmm.. Yeah… I’m off, Draco dear, I’ll speak to you later, when you don’t have that thing dangling off you”

Keela didn’t care… she was too happy. He had forgiven her, she knew it… he must have, the way he was touching her… yeah, she was forgiven.
Even if he hadn’t he still wanted her, maybe just physically, but he still wanted her.
At that moment in time she felt so loved, more than anything she had ever felt from anyone.
At that moment in time, they made love for the very first time.